Absurdity in Advertising

Your crew for digital marketing strategies from set-up to punchline to delivery

Kick-Ass Campaigns

📉 Are you not investing in advertising because you’re afraid of losses?

🚨 The truth is — you’re already losing business NOT running ads.

💡 Why don’t you develop the campaign yourself!?

📋 Let’s make a list:

1️⃣ Research your target audience
2️⃣ Compose scripts based on that audience
3️⃣ Produce those scripts into compelling videos
4️⃣ Implement your videos into a funnel strategy
5️⃣ Adjusting your funnel strategy based on data
6️⃣ Run your business

Fortunately, you’re not alone, you’re joined by our team of decorated
🎬Video Producers
💳Expert Media Buyers

Who’ll help you every step from 1️⃣ to 5️⃣ (6️⃣ should already be in good hands 🙏).

👇 Below you’ll find resources that’ll help run your campaigns front to back efficiently 👇


MIRACLES. We are marketers not miracle workers. More leads won’t fix an unorganized business with bad service.

AIMLESSNESS. You won’t be held accountable to deliver a video produced by our team.

MISALIGNMENT. Priorities of creative and marketing won’t be at odds since they originated under one roof with each other in mind.

GUESS WORK. Our strategies are based on experience. We cut out the unnecessary trial and error of launching a new campaign.

INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Your business is NOT an overnight sensation, implementing strategy takes time to be effective.

Foolproof Blueprint

An all-encompassing guide to the combo of threes and how you can use it to balance your strategy.

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Elements of Surprise

Inject it right into your company’s veins with our free comedy workbook.

Contains our in depth toolkit with solid methods to juice your ad writing.

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If your business is eligible, Crowd Work will produce a personalized spec script and a watertight digital marketing strategy.

We fully submerge our best talent into a 2,637 gallon glass tank with only 48 hours of oxygen to propose a razor sharp ad campaign for your business. Once we emerge, our rep will provide a 20-minute presentation where you make the final call to move forward.

That’s not even the BEST PART– this is at NO COST to you. The only thing at stake is our own well being.